Aquarium and Pond Supplies Kent

Cleaner Ponds Aquarium & Pond Supplies can provide you with cleaning, servicing and maintenance services that you require to keep your pond or aquarium looking it’s best all year round.

We all enjoy the effect that a pond can have on the rest of the garden with the sound of running water having a calming effect on anyone relaxing in the sun.


However, ponds can become over grown, green and dirty. This cannot always be kept at bay with ultraviolet lights or biological filters, these will help keep algae at bay which causes the green look of the water, but weeds require something a little more. Getting your pond cleaned professionally will keep these weeds in order and give you a nice clear pond with clean clear water.


Not only do we provide cleaning services but we can also provide you with all the equipment you need for you pond and aquarium. We will be able to provide the best system, pond filters and pumps regardless of your pond size or fish keeping level.


If you are looking to complete your garden with a water feature why not use Cleaner Ponds to complete your whole garden from top to bottom, including the lawns, paving, fencing and of course the water feature with a complete garden design of your choice.


We are very passionate about ponds and aquariums. Working across the Medway and Kent areas we wish to impart our experience on to yourselves.


Call Cleaner Ponds Aquarium and Pond Services for a free quotation to find out what we can do for your pond or aquarium today!